How Brandwatch for Administration Helps the University of Kansas Run Effectively During a Global Pandemic


College administration in a global pandemic

In August of 2020, the University of Kansas welcomed back approximately 20,000 students, staff, and faculty members. As the university struggled to navigate constantly evolving policies and procedures, mandatory Covid-19 testing, and a redefined classroom experience, the need for data-backed insights from digital intelligence became clear.

Bita’s team was tasked with providing daily insights to the university’s Vice Chancellor for Public Affairs and Economic Development to allow them and other campus leaders to gauge public perception, identify harmful misinformation, and understand how the key audience perceived communication from university officials. This required data not just on the University of Kansas, but on their competitors.

In order to be successful, Bita needed to “quickly identify valuable insights and effectively communicate them to high-level leadership in a concentrated form.”

With real-time insights, flexible data visualization, and integrated monitoring of the top 100 schools in higher education, Brandwatch allowed them to do just that.


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