How Bradley Cooper Reportedly Feels About Ex Irina Shayk Spending Time With Kanye West


Bradley Cooper is reportedly a very supportive ex!

According to Us Weekly, Cooper—who shares a three-year-old daughter, Lea De Sein, with model Irina Shayk, whom he dated from 2015 to 2019—is cool with reports that his ex is dating Kanye West.

“Bradley would be fully supportive of whoever Irina chooses to date — he just wants her to be happy,” a source claimed. “Bradley and Irina are not just on good terms as co-parents, they’re also close as friends and share personal things with each other.” 

On June 8, the rapper and supermodel were spotted in France, per TMZ. The source speaking to the publication claimed the pair were walking together around a luxury boutique hotel and were “100% romantically together,” though it was “unclear” how serious the relationship could be. The article also points out that Shayk has modeled in a Yeezy show and that she’s name-checked in his song “Christian Dior Denim Flow.” She even appeared in the music video for West’s 2020 song “Power,” staring down the camera.

Bradley Cooper and Irina Shayk in 2018.Raymond Hall

“Irina and Kanye have been spending time together and getting to know one another,” a second source revealed to Us Weekly. “He’s always thought she was beautiful and they’re both looking forward to seeing where this goes.”

While Shayk likes to keep her relationships out of the public eye, she has spoken about her ex on a few occasions. “I think in all good relationships you bring your best and your worst—it’s just the nature of a human being,” she told British Vogue in January 6. “Two great people don’t have to make a good couple.”

She later opened up about why she rejects the term “coparenting” when discussing raising their daughter, Lea.  “I never understood the term ‘coparenting,’” she told Elle in March. “When I’m with my daughter, I’m 100% a mother, and when she’s with her dad, he’s 100% her dad. Coparenting is parenting.” She also described Cooper as an “amazing dad.”

Irina Shayk walks the runway during the Kanye West’s 2012 show.Dominique Charriau

It’s actually Shayk’s discretion that reportedly gained her the support of West’s ex as well. According to another source with Us Weekly, Kim Kardashian is supportive of the new romance, which is flourishing only four months after Kardashian filed for divorce. 

“Kim doesn’t mind because she saw how quiet and respectful Irina was after she broke up with Bradley,” the source said.

This tracks with Kardashian’s statements in the latest episode of Keeping Up With the Kardashians. “[West] deserves someone that can go support his every move and go follow him all over the place and move to Wyoming. I can’t do that,” she cried. “I feel like a fucking failure that it’s, like, a third fucking marriage. I feel like a fucking loser. But I can’t even think about that. I want to be happy.” 


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