Britney Spears Posted ‘I’m Counting for My Freedom,’ Then Her Instagram Account Was Deleted


UPDATE: September 14, 2021—Britney Spears took to Twitter to explain why her Instagram account was deleted. “Don’t worry folks … just taking a little break from social media to celebrate my engagement !!!! I’ll be back soon,” she wrote.


Just days after she used it to gleefully announce her engagement to longtime boyfriend Sam Asghari, Britney Spears is no longer on Instagram.

On Tuesday, September 14, the pop icon’s Instagram suddenly became unavailable. If you google “Britney Spears Instagram” right now, the first thing that pops up is a link to her page, with hundreds of posts and 34 million followers. But actually click on it and…the link cannot be found. 

Per Variety, right before her account was deleted, Spears posted, “Growing up in a world where basically almost everything I did was controlled by someone else… I hope this message gets to people who have been confused or manipulated by a system !!!! No … you’re not alone and no … you’re not crazy !!!! People need to hear this before it’s TOO LATE !!!! I’ve waited 13 years and counting for my freedom !!!!!” These words were accompanied by a screenshot of an article titled “Infusing education with heart.” 

Sources told Page Six it was Spears’s decision to delete her Instagram. However, fans are still concerned. #WhereIsBritney quickly started trending on Twitter.

Asghari’s page remains up. His most recent post to the grid is of himself kissing Spears while she flashes her engagement ring at the camera. He also used the platform to joke about all the “prenup” comments the couple got following their good news. “Thank you for the overwhelming love and congratulations,” he wrote in an Instagram Stories post. “We both love every single one of you! Thank you for your concern about the prenup! Of course we’re getting iron clad prenup to protect my Jeep and shoe collection in case she dumps me one day.” 

For many years now, Britney Spears’s Instagram has been fans’ primary way of connecting with her. In fact, it was the hosts of a podcast called Britney’s ’Gram (which celebrated the pop star’s social presence) who brought the #FreeBritney movement into the mainstream. #FreeBritney, of course, is aimed at ending the conservatorship Spears has been under for 13 years.


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