Benny Drama Says This Highlighter Will Make You Look ‘Fresh Out of the Womb’


Also heaven: Talking contouring, skin care, and how to take good care of your wigs with Benito Skinner for Glamour’s latest installment of Your Fave’s Faves. Read on.

The best product for a dewy glow

For a really nice dewy glow, if I want a little highlight in a video or even just during the day, I use the MAC Strobe Cream. It’s not glittery, which I like. When I want to be glittery, I’ll go glittery. But if I just want it to look like I’m 16 and absolutely fresh out of the womb, I’ll do Strobe.

How to get a Kardashian-level contour

I’m such a sponge guy. Like, blend all day with sponges. I tell every single person I come in contact with, “You just have to keep blending.” If you have an extra three minutes, just keep blending. It will change your life.

MAC 240S Synthetic Large Tapered Blending Brush

Wig care, explained

The key is to always keep your wigs very separate from each other. Benita is going to have a new wig in the new year. It’s very Dukes of Hazzard—it has pink on the ends, and it’s a little bit easier to wear than some of the others. So yes, separation is key. If they start clashing, they will frizz out. That’s not it.

The rom-coms I’m obsessed with

Okay, I have a few. Just Friends with Anna Faris and Ryan Reynolds is one of my favorites. It counts as a Christmas and New Year’s movie, and Anna Faris is a powerhouse. She’s a revelation in that film. Truly, one of the best comedic performances, in my mind. What else? Well, 13 Going On 30 is huge. Then low-key, Notting Hill. Never forget Notting Hill. And The Switch with Jennifer Aniston and Jason Bateman is underrated.

The celeb fragrance everyone should know about

I’m literally a Michelle Pfeiffer stan. Sue me—One Fine Day, Catwoman, those are some of the greatest works I’ve seen. She was my icon as a kid. I use her Henry Rose fragrance called Last Light. It’s all a very clean fragrance. There’s no chemicals in it that will make your skin break out or anything. That one I use at night because I like when my bed smells good.

The best skin-care product for makeup lovers

I do slather a lot of products on my face, and recently I have realized that maybe we’re all exfoliating way too much. When I did a Kardashian Christmas, I put on literally 12 pounds of makeup and was just stripping my skin every day. So I ordered Krave Beauty’s Great Barrier Relief after using it once and loving it. I’m hoping that this gives me everything it’s promising. I think if I coat my face in that for the next week, everything’s going to change for me.

Krave Great Barrier Relief

The wellness product I’m obsessed with

I have the low back of a 90-year-old man because I played football in high school, and I ran track. It just destroyed my body. Any CBD lotion is my self-care plan. Haoma is my favorite.

My favorite reality show right now

Selling Sunset changed my life. Are you kidding? Those are my absolute ride-or-dies. Selling Sunset was huge. It was actually an entire era for me in quarantine.

My ultimate playlist

I started posting playlists just for friends, and now a lot of people follow them on Spotify. I think the one I’m most proud of is “I Remember Touch.” Then I have one called “Should I Go Live?,” which has a lot of my faves on it.

Why everyone needs something pink

I had been looking at this one pink Jacquemus suit for a long time. For my birthday, I was like, “You know what? I’m going to buy myself this suit.” Pink is my favorite color, and I realized that I didn’t allow myself to have pink be my favorite color when I was in the closet. Now I’m making up for lost time. I just know that there’s going to be somebody’s birthday party that I need to make about me, and I’m going to wear that pink suit.

Madeline Hirsch is the senior social manager at Glamour.


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