Bella Hadid Looks Just Like Jennifer Lawrence With This Blond Pixie Cut

Now we know what Bella Hadid would look like with a pixie cut. Surprise, surprise, the answer is: amazing.

The younger Hadid sister took to Instagram on December 8 to share her closing look for the Dior Homme show, writing, “Getting dolled up just for you @mrkimjones…the new @dior Homme show is out now…I’m wearing Look 45 x the Closing look.”

The selfie video was filmed by the model herself, but it wasn’t just her directorial skills that popped out: We simply cannot get over this blond pixie cut. 

Look, it’s obviously a wig, but if she wanted the real deal, we’d have zero complaints. However, we’d be remiss not to mention the uncanny resemblance she’d have to one Jennifer Lawrence circa 2013. 

Lawrence first debuted her memorable pixie look while promoting The Hunger Games: Catching Fire, explaining that she got tired of the “awkward, gross [shoulder-length]” she had prior. “I kept putting it back in a bun, and I was like ‘Well, I don’t want to do this.’ So I just cut it off,” she told Yahoo! at the time. “Not a very exciting story.  It couldn’t get any uglier.” She rocked the look well into 2014 as well, specifically during awards season for her film American Hustle

Jennifer Lawrence promotes The Hunger Games: Catching Fire at the 2013 Rome Film Festival. 


This isn’t the first time Bella Hadid has switched up her hair this year. She played around with gray at the beginning of quarantine, thanks to some filters, and she even cut her own bangs. In 2019 alone, she went both jet-black and so blond that she was a dead-ringer for her sister, Gigi. Hair experimentation is just in her DNA, so not only would we dig an IRL pixie on her, we wouldn’t be surprised if she did it. 

Now, if Gigi, Bella, and JLaw all got this cut, we’d be seeing triple for sure. 

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