Baby Olympia Landed Her First Modeling Gig Alongside Mom Serena Williams—And She’s So Cute

Serena Williams isn’t just passing down her love of sports to her daughter, Olympia—she’s also passing down her sense of style. The adorable mother-daughter duo star in Stuart Weitzman’s Footsteps to Follow spring 2021 campaign, and honestly, it might be the cutest thing you’ll watch all day. Or maybe all month because it’s seriously that cute.

Serena is back… and this time she’s joined by a very special guest!” the luxury shoe brand captioned the Instagram video, announcing the partnership with Williams (and little Olympia).

“Waking up every day to see her so happy to see me is a feeling I never thought I would experience,” Williams says about her daughter. “While I try to teach her how to be a positive influence, she, in fact, teaches me how to be a stronger person every day. It’s the best part about being a mom. Being on set with Olympia meant so much to me, and it is a moment together I will never forget. She is mini Serena! She’s so cute and she’s so fun.”

The campaign marks Serena Williams’s fourth year as a global spokesperson for Stuart Weitzman, but it’s her first fashion campaign with Olympia. “I created this collection with an intentional, artful approach to design, engineering, and craftsmanship,” the brand’s global head of design, Edmundo Castillo, says. “The styles offer a renewed and emboldened sense of functionality and fashion to elevate the casual elegance of the modern woman.”

Stuart Weitzman says Williams is the perfect spokesperson for the brand because she exemplifies the “multifaceted aspects of womanhood in the modern landscape.” Williams’s ability to be the number one singles women’s tennis player in the world and then be a kick-ass mom is proof that there really is no limit to what a person—and parent—can do. Plus, she does it in killer shoes.

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