33 Virgo Celebrities Who Keep the World Turning


Virgos are the zodiac sign that always seem to have their life together. So when it comes to navigating Hollywood (and royalty—hi, Prince Harry!), Virgo celebrities have a leg up on the competition. And when Virgo season starts on August 23, there’s no stopping them.

Since they’re ruled by the planet Mercury, communication comes easy to these earth signs, and they often want to be useful to the people around them. They’re your “mom” friends, with quick fixes and life hacks galore. Famous Virgos are no different. (This includes Virgo-rising celebrities too.) 

These mutable signs are likely to have an empire unto themselves—hello, Beyoncé—or have incredible attention to detail (sounds like Ava DuVernay to me). If Leos are the face of the organization, Virgos are the ones making it a well-oiled machine. I truly believe that Leo-Virgo cusps could take over the world if they wanted to. Below, read about more about Virgo traits and the Virgo celebrities who keep the crazy world of Hollywood in line.


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