21 Shows and Movies to Watch After You Finish ‘Bridgerton’


So you’re looking for more TV shows like Bridgerton on Netflix, eh? You’ve come to the expert. A more generic guide might point you to the best Jane Austen–adapted films and call it a day. While I can recommend those—and will—there’s so much more to explore within the world of Lady Whistledown, including, but not limited to, sweeping period dramas about women bucking society’s rules, soft-core porn starring men in cravats, and hot rich people being messy. 

Here, find 21 TV shows and movies like Bridgerton that you can watch now. Enjoy. 

First, let’s get those Austen adaptations out of the way…

With its Regency-era setting and a plot centered around the marriage market in Britain’s high society, Bridgerton (and the novels the series is based on) is most obviously inspired by Jane Austen’s timeless work. Of course, Austen isn’t the only source material for a period piece romance—and that’s a good thing. Diversity in casting remains an issue in the genre at large, with only more modern interpretations like Sanditon and Clueless including any significant characters of color. While Bridgerton moves the needle forward slightly, there’s still so much more that can be done. But it’s a testament to Austen’s writing that the onscreen adaptations of her books have heavily influenced pop culture in their own significant ways. Here are some of the best. 

Sanditon (2019)

We’ve told you about this one before. Like Bridgerton, this series delivers a romantic lead with a strong moral code and an even stronger jawline. And unlike the G-rated hand-holding of other Austen adaptations, there are some actual sex scenes here. Available to stream on PBS Masterpiece

Pride & Prejudice (2005)

If watching the Duke and Daphne make love during a storm in Bridgerton inspired some big feelings, don’t sleep on watching Mr. Darcy proclaim his love for Elizabeth Bennet in the rain. Available to rent on Amazon Prime Video

Pride and Prejudice (1995)


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