21 Best YouTube Workouts for 2021

Bored of your at-home workouts? You’ve come to the right place. We rounded up the best YouTube workouts that will add much needed variety to your living room fitness routine. From crazy-fun dance sequences, to super challenging strength workouts, to gentle yoga flows, there’s something for everyone here. Bonus: All of these channels are free.

The next time you’re struggling to complete yet another couch-side squat sequence, give this article a scroll to check out the best YouTube workouts on the platform. You’ll find high-energy instructors, creative new ways to challenge your body, and all the inspiration you need to meet your wellness goals. Welcome to your new favorite exercise obsession.

If your ideal workout involves grinding, twerking, and voguing to today’s top hits, The Fitness Marshall is for you. Created by self-described “fitness pop star” Caleb Marshall, the channel is chock-full of choreographed dance videos that will make you sweat, laugh, and wish you were at the club. Among the most popular hits? A hilarious routine timed to Megan Trainer’s “Me Too” and a sexy, sweaty romp to “Don’t Cha” by the Pussycat Dolls.

LA Thoma Gustin is a doctor of physical therapy and former D1 athlete who’s all about teaching us how to move better and stay active. She offers a wide range of workouts on her page—from a 10-minute plank series for beginners, to a 30-minute intense full-body dumbbell routine, to a round-up of simple desk stretches—so there’s really something for every exerciser.

No equipment? No problem. This channel, led by barre and Pilates instructor Nicole McPherson, is packed with workouts you can do at home with just your bodyweight. Options range in length and intensity—from this 60-minute full-body Pilates class to this 10-minute gentle stretch routine.

Registered yoga instructor Arianna Elizabeth creates space in yoga for all people with a special emphasis on yogis of color. Her channel is brimming with soothing meditations, plus a variety of yoga classes, including Vinyasa, chair yoga, a 7-day beginner series, and power yoga to celebrate Juneteenth. Everyone from newbies to experienced practitioners will find their flow here.

Adriene Mishler’s wildly popular channel (current follower count: 8.78 million) is a judgement-free space where yoga practitioners of all types can find content that matches their goals, mood, and experience levels. Overwhelmed by the 500+ options? Browse Mishler’s playlists, which group content into categories like “yoga for neck tension,” “yoga for your core,” and the very apropos “yoga for uncertain times.”

Unless you’re in a group class or have a Peloton, stationary cycling can be a bit, um, boring. This channel combats that with loads of virtual cycling content to keep you pedaling through workouts as long as four hours. New videos are released weekly, and the scenery is simply stunning. Think: A 75-minute pedal around Italy’s Lake Garda, a 60-minute workout in the Austrian Alps, and a 120-minute ride in Southern France.

Consider this channel your one-stop shop for at-home strength and HIIT workouts. Led by certified trainer Anna Engelschall, the platform aims to help you get strong, fit, and confident with a variety of videos you can easily perform in your living room. The content is especially great for advanced exercises—two of the most watched videos are a 45-minute “killer” HIIT routine and a 30-minute CrossFit-inspired workout.

Get cardio, strength work, and hone your Bollywood dance skills with these videos from fitness instructor Sabah Kadri. Totally new to the dance world? Learn the basics with Kadri’s slew of instructional videos. There’s also tons of content for more experienced folks, including this 45-minute Bollywood HIIT workout and this 25-minute high-intensity ab routine.

It takes a certain amount of skill and expertise to become a Nike Master Trainer. Learn from—and sweat alongside—those high-level pros via Nike’s collection of fitness videos. Perfect your form with how-to videos on topics like reverse lunges, forearm planks, and bench presses. Or, elevate your fitness with workouts covering everything from HIIT, strength, and stability to mobility, sports performance, and dance cardio.

This channel by yoga and Pilates instructor Sean Vigue offers bodyweight workouts for all ages and fitness levels. You’ll find everything from full-body power yoga and Pilates core workouts for athletes, to gentle stretch routines, and relaxing yoga sequences. Bonus: Many of the videos are filmed against gorgeous nature backdrops, meaning you’ll get a workout and a view.

Jumping rope is a stellar way to get both cardio and strength work in a short amount of time. On her channel, certified jump rope trainer Sara Solomon guides you through basic jumping technique in easy-to-follow videos. She also shares a trio of sweaty jump rope workouts you can tackle in 10 minutes or less.

Dianne Bondy specializes in yoga for bigger bodies—and every body. The yoga instructor and social justice activist uploads new body-positive content every week, so you’ll always find something fresh and inspiring. Think: active chair yoga, yoga for runners, and core awareness. 

Perfect for exercisers who don’t take themselves too seriously, this channel by certified trainer Emily Thorne is loaded with hilarious and engaging HIIT dance workouts. Jack up your heart rate with this 90s dance party video, or channel your sexy side with this empowering burlesque routine.

Get your steps in at home with these high-energy, low-impact walking workouts. Complete a 5K in 45 minutes, tackle 10 minutes of speed intervals, or get your endorphins flowing with a 15-minute “mini dance walk and stretch” series.

Smoke your entire body—and have fun in the process—with these dance workouts led by instructor Jamie Kinkeade. Choose between super short targeted workouts (like this 4-minute arm series set to “Survivor” by Destiny’s Child) and longer, full-body routines (like this 45-minute “boy toy” sequence soundtracked by Usher, Justin Bieber, and Justin Timberlake).

Yes, your favorite leggings purveyor also makes killer exercise videos. Lululemon ambassadors lead guided workouts that vary in length, intensity, and activity type, so you can find content that matches your fitness goals. Runners, in particular, will find inspo with Charlie Dark’s “Total Run Train” series. This collection of nine videos offers advice on the sport from various angles, including trail running, recovery tips, proper breathing while running, and creating a motivational playlist for your next run. 

This channel by Adidas Women offers a little something for everyone. Choose between short-and-sweet Pilates routines, gentle stretch series, yoga for runners, and even a 20-minute HIIT buddy workout. You’ll also find super brief videos (think: 2 minutes or less) that explain how to crush certain moves, like eccentric push-ups and squat variations.

Instructor Kassandra provides easy-to-follow yoga classes for all experience levels. She specializes in Yin yoga (a slow-paced style of yoga) and Vinyasa flow (a more intense style) with videos ranging in length from 5 minutes up to 90. Her page also offers guided meditations for those moments when you really just need a breather.

Certified trainer Caroline Girvan wants to help people build strong, balanced bodies. She does that with hundreds of workout videos that run the gamut from hardcore HIIT routines to short and simple bodyweight series. Her most popular videos include a 15-minute dumbbell arms and shoulder workout, and a 5-minute push-up workout.

Build serious strength and stamina with this extensive collection of at-home workouts from certified trainer and lifelong athlete Sydney Cummings. Choose from categories like strength, low impact, and total body bootcamp. Or, sort by time with workouts as quick as 5 minutes and as long as 60.

Billed as “not your everyday fitness channel,” this page caters to beginners and seniors with a focus on fun, doable, and easy-to-understand workouts. Physical therapist and fitness instructor Jenny McClendon leads viewers through light aerobics, strength routines, interval bootcamp classes, and more.

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