19 TV Finales So Bad They’ll Make You Question the Entire Series


The greatest TV finales of all time are some of the best episodes of television ever made. When Rachel gets off the plane on Friends? Tears! When Mr. Big finally gets his shit together and professes his love to Carrie? Wow! Buffy saves the world one last time? It had to happen, and we’re glad it did.

But some of our favorite shows have delivered some godawful goodbyes, too. Whether the show ended too soon and tried to hastily find closure for its main characters or an actor quit and took the best storylines with them, there are a lot of outside factors that can make a big series finale less than stellar. But just as often, the writers try for some deep, all-encompassing yet unexpected moment that just falls flat. And it hurts! You spend years investing in a TV show and don’t get the payoff. That’s like ordering a Chipotle burrito without guac or hooking up with someone without, ya know, orgasming. If the ending is bad, what was the point of taking the journey to begin with?

These 19 shows simply did not deliver. Rife with mysteries that don’t get solved (or worse, get solved in a way that makes no sense) and couples that stay together when they shouldn’t have, these shows simply did not stick the landing. Lorelai and Rory Gilmore deserved better. All these icons did!

Below, our picks for some of the most disappointing TV finales ever.


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