10 Popular TikTok Dances That Are Easier Than You Think

What better way to let off some of that quarantine-fatigue than by nailing one or more of the most popular TikTok dances? 

OK, we can think of a few better uses of your time. But still: From revolutionizing sex ed to making us reconsider our relationship to millennial beauty, in 2020 the app went from being a buzzy talking point to legitimately shaping pop culture as we know it. And one thing TikTok is wholly responsible for is the steady stream of new dance routines taking over your social media feeds. 

Whether you’re looking to jump back in after a brief hiatus from the app or a total newbie to the dance craze, we’ve got you covered with 10 popular TikTok dances to try at home. Best part: These don’t just look easy to copy, they actually are. Try one, or all.

1. Cut The Check:  Mahak Hamid 

Created by Mahak Hamid, this dance perfectly embodies our collective quest to bring some serious cash flow into 2021. The routine looks best when sped up, but Hamid created a detailed tutorial to help you get the basics down. 

2. Out West: Nicole Bloomgarden

If it’s been a minute since you’ve put on your dancing shoes (slippers?), then this easy dance created by Nicole Bloombarden should be the first on your list to try. The routine quickly went viral, with Kylie Jenner even joining in on the fun with a modified version. 

3. To The Back: Millah T

This routine created by Millah T is another fairly easy-to-recreate one to add to your list. TikTok celebrities Charli D’Amelio and Lil Huddy are fans, and it’s not hard to see why. 

4. Boss B*tch: Lauren Jackson

Originally created as a duet routine (with herself!) Lauren Jackson’s dance is proof that all you really need to get the party going is one thing: you.

5. Post To Be: Brittyn Nguyen

There’s a few different moves in this dance created by Brittyn Nguyen that makes it feel fun and fresh.

6. Beggin: Katie Feeney

This feel-good dance sequence created by Katie Feeney is all about positive energy, which we could all use for the year ahead. 

7. Captain Hook: Megan The Stallion

Of course we’re going to include a dance challenge from the Hot Girl herself because we all could use some of that energy as we set our sights on the new year. The routine is cute and surprisingly simple—and even more fun if your quar-pod joins in. 

8. Candy Shop: Lesley Gonzalez

Millennials rejoice! This dance created by Lesley Gonzalez is a mashup of some throwback moves (dougie anyone?) when means you likely already have part of it down thanks to muscle memory. 

9. Donk: Ceejay

Another throwback sound! Ceejay created this dance to a remix of Soulja Boy Tell ‘Em’s “Donk” that is easy enough for everyone to join in on the fun. 

10. Bloomies Happy Dance:  Jalaiah Harmon

She created the famous Renegade dance, and now Jalaiah Harmon is back with another hit routine.

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